Stereo Microscopes

A wide range of Stereo Microscopes are available for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to): Education, Industrial, Electrical Engineering, Academic, Industry, Sculpture, Jewelers, Agricultural, Tech-repairs, Government, Police Agencies, and Research Laboratories. These microscopes are compact and versatile, and ready to provide illuminating captures of your Stereo Microscope Applications.

Some Applications: Circuit Board Repair, Circuit Board Inspection, Surface Mount Technology Work, Electronics Inspection, Coin Collecting, Gemology And Gemstone Setting, Engraving, And Repair And Inspection Of Small Parts, Biological Dissection, Electronics Production, Minerals, Historical Relic Restoration.

Key Words: Cost-Effective, Practical, Comfortable, Observation, 3D Images, High-Resolution, LED Illumination, Optional Eyepiece, Auxiliary Objective, Ergonomic Design, Sharp Image, Wide Viewing Field, ESD Painting, Cold Light And Ring Light, Trinocular Head, Zoom Stereo, High Contrast Images, Windows/MAC OS, CCD Camera, 360 Degree Rotation, Large Zoom Ratio, Apochromatic Objective, Light Sources, LED Rings And Stands.

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