Monocular Zoom Microscope

A wide range of Monocular Microscopes are available for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to): Education, Academic Demonstration, University Demonstration, Medical Demonstration, Biological Teaching, Industrial, Engineering, Academic, Industry, Agricultural, Tech-repairs, Government, and Research Laboratories. These microscopes are compact and versatile, and ready to provide high resolution captures of your required Applications.

Some Applications: Circuit Board Repair, Circuit Board Inspection, Surface Mount Technology Work, Electronics Inspection, Coin Collecting, Gemology And Gemstone Setting, Engraving, And Repair And Inspection Of Small Parts, Biological Dissection, Electronics Production, Minerals, Historical Relic Restoration.

Key Words: Cost-Effective, Practical, Comfortable, Observation, High-Resolution, Sharp Image, C-mount, Digital Camera, Coaxial illumination system, LCD Screen, WIFI, HDMI.

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