BLM-Series LCD Digital Microscopes

A range of LCD Microscopes are available for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to): Academic Demonstration, University Demonstration, Medical Demonstration, Biological Teaching, Sanitary Establishments, Scientific Research, University Teaching Laboratories, Industry, Research Laboratories, Clinical Medicine, School And Colleges.  

Some Applications: Including Mineralogy, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Plant Pathology, Zoology, Electronics, Geographic Analysis, Engineering, Metal Or Non-Metal Inspection.

Key Words: Cost-Effective, Practical, Comfortable, Convenient, Comparison, Excellent Optics, Observation, Ergonomic, LCD Display, LED Light, Built-In 12.0MP Camera, SD Card Slot, HDMI, Easy Snapshots Or Short Videos, Polarization Unit, Halogen Lamp, WIFI, Bluetooth, Dark Field, 12MP Camera, HD Videos, Projector Output, Polarizing Light, Stereo And Metallurgical.

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